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Friday, August 20, 2010

NFL Pick Pool Types

Listed below is a brief explanation of the basic types of NFL office and confidence pick pools.

Straight-up Office Pool:  In a straight up office pool you simply pick the team you think will win and the person that picks the most games correctly wins.

Confidence Picks Pool:  A confidence picks pool is one in which you assign a point value to your picks in order of your confidence of winning particular games and accumulate points based on wins. The order of confidence points can be from 16 as the highest to 1 as the lowest (or vice versa) depending on the number of games for a particular week.

Point Spread Pool:  A spread pool is the same as a straight-up pool or confidence picks pool except that you make your picks based on the NFL point spread and not simply on outright wins. Adds quite a level of difficulty.

There are weekly pools, cumulative season pools and pools that are both weekly and cumulative. There is usually a tie-breaker in all styles of pools that involves the total points scored of the Monday night or another designated game.